Conference Care Package

A Platinum Sponsorship Package to Innovate Your Event

Personalize Your Participant’s Experience
Produce Revenue for your Association
Add Value to Your Sponsorship Packages

Just like a childhood goodie bag,
A Conference Care Package
tells your attendee they are a valued guest.

How Can A Conference Care Package Help My Event’s Success?

Engaged Membership = Association Growth = Sponsorship Revenue

An engaging event experience is key to retaining and attracting new members and attendees. Sponsors are seeking one-on-one engagement that brings potential customers directly to their booth.

Our Packages are Strategic Marketing Tools.

Spreading the Word to Benefit...

The Attendees

Our products are conversational ice-breakers offering the chance to make a friend and creating an atmosphere of a professional annual reunion. 

The Association

Your organization can encourage future membership growth by fostering community feelings. ,Make companies want to financially support your organization for years to come.

The Sponsor

 Drives booth traffic with a raffle ticket redeemable at your exhibit booth. Create a face-to-face interaction and deepened connection with every single attendee.

Grow Your Membership

With professional development available online, a face-to-face event needs to create a personal connection with colleagues. People come back to conferences that feel like an annual homecoming.

Grow Your Sponsorship Revenue

A top-tier sponsorship option that produces income for your sponsor and added value to your event.

Let us customize your conference care experience and design a unique package just for your audience
according to their interests or the conference city.

Our Packages are Assembled by
Opportunity Works

This agency has consistently earned exemplary recognition for setting leading standards of excellence in the provision of employment, specialized day habilitation, community, and recreational services and programs for adults with disabilities.