Conference Care Package

A Platinum Sponsorship Package to Innovate Your Event

Brown package paper torn

How Can a Package Enhance my Event?

A sponsorship option to add to your swag bag

A room drop

A stand-alone gift bag

An under the table exhibitor gift for strong leads

Signage Creates Brand Awareness... 
A Conference Care Package
Creates a Personal Connection.

A Care Package Tells your Attendees you Value their Attendance

A professional event is an opportunity to engage attendees and create a personal connection between colleagues.

People come back to conferences that feel like an annual homecoming.

Help Your Sponsors Find Their Customers in the Crowd

Drives booth traffic with a raffle ticket redeemable at their exhibit booth.

Creates a potential face-to-face interaction with every attendee increasing sales opportunities.

Builds brand loyalty and long-term sales growth.

Demonstrates community responsibility and engages your brand in a positive way. 

Just like a childhood goodie bag,
A Conference Care Package 

tells your attendee they are a valued guest.

Make and attendee's day a more pleasant and memorable experience

We create packages for a single day or a multi-day event.

Comfort Items

Healthy Treats

Nostalgic Favorites

Custom Packaging

Customize a Package to your...



Conference Location

Our Packages are Strategic Marketing Tools that Benefit...

The Attendees

Our products are networking tools and provide the opportunity to make a friend.

The Sponsor

 Drives sponsor booth traffic with a raffle ticket that creates a potential face-to-face interaction with every single attendee.

The Association

Grow your membership by fostering a feeling of community while growing your revenue. 

We Take Orders in Advance

We package one month before delivery

Our snacks are fresh from the factory with a shelf life of one year.

Assembled by Opportunity Works

This agency has consistently earned exemplary recognition for setting leading standards of excellence in the provision of employment, specialized day habilitation, community, and recreational services and programs for adults with disabilities.

Food Rescue Resources for your Conference and Attendees

Food for all
Boston and New York City

Find delicious unsold meals from restaurants, cafés and delis close to you.
Purchase your favorites for a great price (and a great cause!) through the app
Get your meals right before the restaurant closes, at the designated pickup time. Enjoy!

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine
Boston and New York

Rescuing Leftover Cuisine bridges the gap between nutritious unused food from businesses to their local soup kitchens & shelters to serve to those in need.


A sustainable food waste management company that leverages technology to reduce food waste and combat hunger. We provide an end-to-end solution for businesses to achieve zero waste, save money and empower their community thru the donation of edible food.